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Whether you are considering selling online in other countries for the first time, or are looking to build on what you are already doing, our guide provides you with up to date information on trends & customer behaviour and looks at key elements of your business mix, including marketplaces, customer service and fulfillment. We have worked hard to provide you with relevant information and practical solutions so you can make better decisions.

The opportunities available to brand and retailers within the home and garden industry are bountiful. We take an in-depth look at the statistics and the size of the opportunity available to companies willing to take advantage of both the digitalisation and internationalisation of consumer culture. Addressing some of the questions that a retailer must consider before selling their products online to multiple countries. Examining the habits of online consumers, the best way to market your online products in new regions through to customer experience.

In this overview of the industry, we take a look at some of the key trends shaping consumer behaviour. We discuss how to be discovered in new markets and how to get your product

to new customers. And, having acquired new customers, we explore how you look after them so they turn into loyal repeat purchasers. Finally, we focus on China – a country whose infant population has increased rapidly in recent years, with 18 million births a year – and feature on-the-ground insights from a local in-market expert.