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Amazon is now one of the key marketplaces in international e-commerce – on average over 35% of online retail purchases are made through this platform. It offers a quick and relatively straightforward set up, combined with a big market reach.

However, developing your sales is often not that straightforward at all and making a profit is not guaranteed.

Allegro is the leading e-marketplace in the Poland, accounting for nearly 60% of the local online shopping industry. It’s one of the most visited sites in the country, alongside Facebook and YouTube, and currently has over 12 million registered users.

Cdiscount is France’s largest e-commerce player, operating across four continents: South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Starting life as a discount online retailer, Cdiscount is now the second most visited website in the country; it has more than 16 million clients and enjoys over 11 million unique visitors per month.

From its beginnings as a catalogue business, Otto has expanded to include an online marketplace. The success of the business is based on its logistics and customer support, with specific expertise in fashion, consumer electronics and home furnishing. Otto currently has 9 million registered users.

Tmall, and its cross border equivalent TMall worldwide, is chinas largest market place covering over 50% of all retail market places sales. and it cross border facility global, is the second largest largest market place in china, a true ‘Challenger’ to TMall and has specific strengths in some areas.

Rakuten is the world’s fourth largest online marketplace, with 105 million registered users, and the leading platform in Japan. It helps UK companies develop their brand presence and offers them a choice of four shop management plans, as well as the option to sell directly to Japanese consumers.

Particularly popular in Italy and Spain, Privalia is a well-known fashion shop that should be on the radar of fashion retailers who want to make more sales into Europe. Although not one for smaller sellers, as discounts feature heavily as part of the marketplace, this is a strong marketplace for the fashion-savvy. is now the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has a strong brand presence and is very well respected among Dutch and Belgian consumers.

Especially interesting for sellers from outside the Netherlands: since requires a local legal entity, BTW registration etc, Infinity Blue offers a full blown merchant of record service so you can sell you products on without having to set up your own company.

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