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Services we offer

Marketplaces offer a quick and relatively straightforward set up, combined with big market reach across different countries. However, developing your sales is often not that straightforward at all, as dealing with these marketplaces can be difficult, and making a profit is not a given. We offer services that can be tailored to your objectives.

Assesment & Stategy

One of the most integral parts of being successful on any given marketplace is your sales strategy. We can assess your current business model and adapt specific strategies to help your business be more profitable within your desired marketplace.

Account setup

Creating and configuring an account on some marketplaces may be tricky, so we have the know-how to prevent delays in your start-up.

Health Check

If you are interested in selling on marketplaces, we provide you with an initial assessment on demand and competition, followed by our recommendations. This will allow you to make a better-informed decision on whether to launch.

Market Scan

Whether you are unhappy with your performance or would like to know how to improve. Our review reports on many topics including account set up, brand registry, product key attribute check, current listing and any observations to help you improve sales and service levels.

Brand registery

We submit your details and communicate with the marketplaces on your behalf to complete your brand registry application.


When selling on various marketplaces, continuously checking and optimisation of your account is essential.


Every marketplace has its own guidelines that are required for listings. We are mindful of delivering the correct files and ensure that the information is properly filled in and submitted.

Merchant of record

For companies that do not want to set up marketplaces under their own name, we offer to be your Merchant of Record. We can also manage the invoicing, payment stream, VAT payments etc. on your behalf.

Buy box target & monitoring

We understand that sellers must meet performance-based requirements to be eligible for ‘Buy Box’ placement status and make sure that your prices are correctly managed.

Ad management

As with other search engines, marketplaces have paid advertising facilities to help optimise ranking. We monitor the traction, keyword search, analyse reports and adapt ads on performance.

Product review management

Negative reviews can seriously make your sales drop and affect your ranking. Our team react as fast as possible to negative feedback to reduce any damage, and maximise positive reviews as well.

Price management

We react faster and are always a step ahead of your competitors and help you win the Buy Box at the optimal

Customer Support

Our team reduce your workload by providing a full marketplace customer support. We support all on-platform interaction with your customers, from messages, claims and information requests. We are an extension of your brand improving flexibility, scalability, with easy international reach.

Logistics management

We have extended experience with kitting for FBA, which allows you to replenish your inventory levels quickly at the FBA centre. With our OMS, you can have Seller and Amazon fulfilled inventory and manage the different order flows automatically, creating an efficient inventory structure.

Training & coaching

We understand it’s a learning curve and that sometimes it’s just nice to speak someone with experience. We are happy to be your someone.

We often get asked whether we have specific packages or recommendations. Based on our experience and the feedback from clients we have developed three packages, designed to cover the three main essential needs: Starter, Business and Professional.


For companies having decided to sell on marketplaces we provide our ‘Starter’ package of services.

We get you started:

  • Set up in one month
  • Five months of account development

Try out whether the marketplace channel is for you and learn what it takes to be successful, leveraging our expertise in a low risk and effective way.


We discuss:

  • current status
  • challenges
  • opportunities
  • ultimate objectives

We will then propose an outline plan covering the next 6 to 12 months, after which you and we fine-tune a 30-day plan every month. Our activities per month can (and will most likely) differ when we push our efforts where we believe you will get most benefit that month. You can engage us from 10 hours per month onwards.

This package is ideal for clients that are active on marketplaces already and now aim to take their performance to the next level by using our expertise.


If you are looking for fully comprehensive support, this is the package for you. With the Professional package, you will have a dedicated team of our marketplace experts to work closely for and with you. We will achieve a fully understanding and strategic alignment with your brand. We carry out a thorough sales analysis and develop a detailed plan to suit the nature and vision of your business.

We work as your full blown ‘in-house’ marketplace team in managing and developing all aspects of your marketplace business:

  • optimising your top line and bottom line results
  • strategy implementation
  • in house management
  • sustained marketplace account maintenance

We ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. Crucial to making this work is that you have clear objectives, a clear proposition with a strong USP, a suitable budget and above all a willingness to work in an effective partnership.