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We are proud to be working with over a 100 clients from a variety of industries and countries across our network.

Case studies – GP Batteries

GP Batteries having only sold B2B wanted to explore ways to sell B2C and expand in the UK market.

Build a complete D2C (direct to customer) sales approach
• Strategy, business model and business case development
• Online webshop and Amazon
• Marketing – Adwords, Amazon sponsored ads.
• Logistic management & fulfilment
• Merchant of record
• Cashflow & VAT management

In the first year (2017) of managing the Amazon account we turned over £1,400,000. 3 years later GP Batteries have surpassed £4million.

What our customers have to say

“With the valued support of the InfinityBlue team, we are pleased that GP have successfully reached and surpassed its Amazon Marketplace sales target in one year – we have since quadrupled our revenue.”

– Gareth Wheeler, Managing Director, GP Batteries (UK) Ltd

Case studies – Iceberry

Launched of the leading Russian ice-cream brand Iceberry on TMall in July 2019

• Created a Multi-brand store.
• Set up 5 warehouse logistics system in the first month

• In the first two weeks after launch £4500 of revenue
• Month of August £16 500 in revenue
• On 5th September conducted a live show with a famous KOL, resulting in £27 500 in sales in 24 hours
• Currently doing £55 000 per month in revenue.
• On track for yearly target of £440 000

Case studies – Vittoria Coffee

We helped launch the Australian brand Vittoria Coffee brand on Walmart. They then made money available for a tailor promotion to boost sales.

• Develop several specific campaigns including
• Choice Bundle Promotion, 3 months
• Catapult Promotion, 5 weeks
• Triad Marketing Campaign for Father’s Day, 2 weeks

• Average weekly coffee machine sales during total campaign up 20 fault
• Average weekly pods sales up 8 fault
• 2.8 million impressions on Walmart during Father’s day campaign


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