How to be a successful seller on Privalia

Privalia is a Spanish marketplace specialized in the sale of fashion and home products. With more than 15 million users worldwide, Privalia is a particularly prolific marketplace, so it is interesting to start selling on it, so read this short guide that will give you some ideas on how to become a successful seller on Privalia.


A marketplace in the age of time:


Privalia is at the forefront in the promotion implemented around its sellers and their products. With an effective digital strategy on social networks, Privalia allows you to promote your products, and therefore to make yourself known to a wider audience, and this throughout the world. With millions of users worldwide, 95% of whom are estimated to be loyal, and as a constantly growing marketplace around the world, it is important to be able to stand out. Therefore, knowing how to attract customers and a particular audience through the various marketing tools offered by the website, as well as social media, is essential to differentiate yourself and start selling your products. Also, do not hesitate to send marketing emails to customers of the website who seem to be interested in your products. This will help customers not to forget you and maybe even go directly to your product listing to discover your new articles.


Make your offers and products more attractive:


Privalia is known for offering new, original and trendy products. But what makes the marketplace even more attractive to customers are the prices offered on the website. Indeed, the website features many options available to sellers to make flash sales or other discount events. The campaigns are generally short (3 to 5 days), and will allow you to sell more easily and quickly your large stocks of products, or your products that have more difficulty selling. And for the buyers, these offers are particularly interesting, because they allow them to buy products that they cannot normally afford.


Be better than the competition:


Privalia is a constantly growing market, so it is necessary to stand out in this continuous flow of new products. As we have seen previously, marketing actions and prices influence sales. But what is also essential is to have an impeccable understanding of customer service. That is why the services you provide must be transparent, with pre-sales or after-sales support always available, and for example an efficient and practical delivery service. The shop you offer must therefore be practical and must represent an interest for the customer and the marketplace in general, and for this reason it is necessary to pay constant attention to customers and their needs. For example, the website estimates that it must take an average of 12 days for the customer to receive the products they have ordered. Thus, as a seller you must be ready to cooperate constantly with the marketplace and the customer, to offer a service as fast and smooth as possible.

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