Fruugo: sell in 23 countries with ease!

Fruugo is an online marketplace selling a wide variety of products in an astounding 23 countries.


Offering translations into 17 languages and 22 currencies. The customer base is made up of equal numbers of male and female customers, with the majority of shoppers age 25 to 34 (28%). The internationalisation is evident as two-thirds of all sales are cross-border, with the average order value being €50.00. The conversion rate for visitors is 2 to 3%.

”Fruugo simplifies buying products from around the world. Their mission is to provide great choice and the freedom to shop safely wherever their customers are, from wherever they want, through one global marketplace”, the company explains. Through the marketplace customers can buy from multiple sellers in multiple countries in one single transaction, as Fruugo calculates all different currencies in real time, giving the customer the feeling of shopping locally. Over the past three years, the company’s sales have grown over 200% year on year.

Setting your business up on Fruugo is easily done and provides you with the opportunity to sell to 23 different countries, while only having to supply information in English, the translation function is very handy, but consider the countries you are selling in and the localised languages (eg. in the UK pants are underwear and in the USA and Australia they are trousers). In order to sell on Fruugo you need to be either the owner, or an authorized seller and, due to the international nature of the marketplace, you will have to be willing to ship internationally. However, you can choose which countries in particular you would like to ship to.

Fruugo translates listings, handles the customer service and marketing as well as foreign currency exchange, all on a no-sale, no-fee basis. They also offer full fraud protection as well as country-specific payment method.

There are no set-up or membership fees, so the only charge is a 15% commission, a listing fee and a 2.35% processing fee per sale.

In order to make listing your products on Fruugo as easy as possible, they supply sellers with templates and guidance on their homepage. Once you have uploaded your listing, a key requirement is that you fulfill orders and ship within 24 hours, tracking is not compulsory. The downside is that the marketplace does not offer fulfillment so you will have to find a fulfillment solution yourself.

Our conclusion: Fruugo’s great advantage is its easy setup and the immediate reach to 23 countries. This makes it great to test the demand of your products internationally. It does not have the same user experience nor all the bells and whistles of e.g. Amazon. While it might not fully replace your Amazon or eBay business, it could easily improve your worldwide online sales by 5-10%. Try it, even if it is only to test market responses!

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