Selling on ManoMano

How to sell effectively on ManoMano
Manomano is a French Marketplace specialized in DIY and gardening. Until then, the field of gardening and DIY had not yet reached the digital sphere, but with ManoMano, things have changed.

In this article, you will learn how to use this marketplace if you want to sell effectively.

About ManoMano:

  • Launched in 2013
  • Over 350 employees, HQ in Paris
  • Member of Google’s Scale Up! programme
  • €73m funding received by the business by investors

Direct collaboration with the marketplace:
First of all, to be able to start selling on ManoMano, you have to apply and therefore be accepted by the marketplace. Because the website wants to be able to offer quality products with an outstanding communication. To apply, you must first contact ManoMano directly and introduce your company and its products.

Once you are accepted as a seller on the marketplace, a real collaborative relationship is created. Indeed, ManoMano has decided not to sell its own products and therefore not to compete with its sellers, but on the contrary to help them to be successful on the website. The sellers chosen to integrate the website go through a detailed screening process tailored by the marketplace. This intense screening process distinguishes the “top” sellers, and therefore promotes them on the marketplace thanks to their proven quality, outstanding products and prices, and effective communication with the website and customers.

Strong communication with the customer:
The customer is king, and that is why you must always be ready to answer their various questions, about the products you offer but also about delivery times etc. And if the questions you are asked are primarily related to the use and navigation of ManoMano, do not hesitate to guide them to the instant chat that offers the marketplace. Indeed, ManoMano has an instant chat, with an advisor available at any time. Indeed, it turns out that one in five people who deal with an advisor ends up buying! Because ManoMano wants to establish a relationship of trust between the seller and the customer, and can therefore act as an intermediary. And don’t hesitate to use it too, because it can be useful in case of doubt or problem. The ManoMano community and its agents are very present and active, they are also there to meet the needs of the sellers.

How to stand out from the other sellers:  
The potential buyers on this marketplace are handymen and gardeners who like to stay at the forefront of the new technologies they need on a daily basis, and at the best price. Thus, to be successful in this marketplace, you must keep abreast of new products and offer products that will appeal to this particular audience. To stand out, compared to other sellers, it will be important to set up campaigns, and optimize them. Also, to correspond to the audience you are targeting and to stand out from the crowd, it is important to increase the visibility of your product listing, particularly by optimizing your flow. To do so, it is necessary to effectively organize your product listing to meet the potential expectations of the targeted audience. The buyer’s satisfaction is one of the main concerns of the marketplace, so it is important that as sellers you meet their expectations effectively. On ManoMano, vendors fulfil orders on their own, so using multichannel software can be a solution to add your products easily on the marketplace.