Your solution to selling on

Your solution to selling on the largest marketplace in the Benelux – with Infinity Blue you easily overcome their strict requirements ! is now the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has a strong brand presence and is very well respected among Dutch and Belgian consumers.

However, requirements for selling on can provide a strong barrier as you will need to:
• Be a Dutch company, with Dutch registration number and BTW (VAT) number.
• Provide product content and customer service in Dutch.
• Ensure all content and promotions have the EAN barcode (13 digits).
• Have prices the same as in the webshop, excluding shipping.
• Ensure data feeds through e.g. API’s.
• Be able to deliver to the customer within 8 working days.
• Offer traceable shipping and free returns.
Do you not want to set up your own company in the Netherlands, but ‘simply want to start selling’? Well we here at Infinity Blue have just the solution for you.
Through Infinity247, our dedicated company, you can sell your products on through a seller account exclusive to you and your products. We eliminate the barriers to sell to Dutch customers, allowing you to expand into this exciting market easily and quickly.

What we can do:
Acting as your merchant and seller of record and as your e-commerce department we provide the following services:
• Merchant of Record – so you do not have to set up your own Dutch legal entity.
• Assessment and Strategy – to optimise your changes of success.
• Account set up, unblocking and management – with
• Translations.
• Listings and ongoing optimisation.
• Sponsored Ad Management – any marketing on
• Review and Feedback Management.
• Active price Management.
• Customer service – in line with Bol’s requirements.
• Stock and Logistics Management – Logistics by Bol ‘LBV’) or fulfilment from       your facility in the UK.
• IT Integration and data management.
• Sales reporting with ongoing advice.
• Invoicing reconciliation, VAT payment, paying you on regular intervals.

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